Our concept

Hostel for "Biei lovers and Photographers"

"Phottage inn Biei" is coined word of "Photo" and "Cottage". We are the hostel for those who love Biei and photography.
My Phottage is built with my love and dedication for Biei and photography. When I came to Biei and took photography, I have had some problems such as accomodation which is not suit for taking photography. So I decided to make it, that accomodation will be good for Biei and people who love Biei like me.
There are many accomodations in Biei, but no one apply the concept of Photography.
You may think it is unfamiliar concept, but I am sure that is good concept.

We are not able to serve luxulious services, but we are second to none in love for Biei and Photography. We hope our hostel and hospitality help you when you trip around Biei.
In Biei, you can find and taste local foods in local restaurants and cafe. That is why we do not serve any meals.
Go to your favourite restaurant, stay in Phottage inn Biei, go for photography in the morning.
I would like you to enjoy your trip in Biei and we help you. This is my wish

Phottage inn owner Masaya Sato

The reason why photographers come to Phottage.

People like photography.

・Single rooms for single use. No dorms.
・Photo developing workshop for biginners.
・5min walk away from JR Biei Station.
・Photo gallary open for public.



Most of our gusets stay Phottage for photographing.
Some guests go photoshooting in early morning, some check in after sunset.
Near from JR Biei Station, National route 237, walk distance to convenience store and restaulrants.
Of course, some guests stay with us for their itinerary or just sightseeing.




Please Contact Us

※ If there is a room available on the day, you can stay without a reservation.
*Please confirm your booking by return email.

21-2-2 Omachi, Biei, Kamikawa district, Hokkaido, Japan 〒071-0204
[Map code] 389 010 699 22
[Office Opening hours] 9:00~21:30

*Please confirm your booking by return email.