Current of Biei.

It’s already a month past since we experienced that big earthquake.

We saw the news about Hokkaido everyday but now it’s getting less. So people think,

“How’s about Hokkaido? Is there safe to go or still difficult to trip?”

Today I write this blog to inform you the current situation of Biei.

To tell the truth, visitors from overseas and Japanese are getting back. Electricity, dairy products, petrols are now in plenty.

I saw lots of people from overseas today, they does not seem to worry about sufferings.

Biei, Asahikawa and Sapporo is back to normal, you don’t need to worry about anything.

But if you plan to go to around Atsuma town where damaged by earthquake, please bring your own food and water.

Otherwise, Hokkaido is safe to visit.

Do you remember this lost property? I visited here again.

That is gone. Someone took that or blown by winds??

Anyway, time does not stand still. Hokkaido moves forward for restoration just like someone get his lost property.


The government and Biei town are introducing “Fukkou wari(Restoration discount)”.

When you make your trip plan to Hokkaido at Tour desk, Japan’s government covers a part of costs.(No apply needed)

In addition, Biei town introduces its original voucher which can use only Biei’s accommodations.

If you want to use that voucher, please visit here?.


Do you want to stay with us? Please visit here.

Room price: Single room ?JPY5500 per night.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Twin room ? JPY10000 per night(JPY6500 for single use)

Free wifi, free washing machine,?English-friendly staff, walk distance to convenience store(Lawson) and restaurants.

Locates in the town, convenient for everything!?